Our freedom: What to do with it.

‘For you have been called to live in freedom, my brothers and sisters. But don’t use your freedom to satisfy your sinful nature. Instead, use your freedom to serve one another in love.’ Galatians 5:13(NLT)

The son of God has set us free and we no longer live in the bondage of sin, we are free indeed(reference: John 8:34). However, there is a saying that goes thus ‘When the use of a thing is unknown, abuse is inevitable.’ Now that we have freedom, it is important that we know what our freedom is for and how to use it correctly.

Jesus Christ is love, his death on the cross was and is still the ultimate demonstration of love. Now, if we are saved by love, then we should live by and in love. We should not be caught in the tentacles of selfish living or animosity of any kind. We must be worthy ambassadors of Jesus Christ wherever we go. He is love, we should be love too.

The foundation of our freedom is love,so using that freedom for anything that does not glorify God is an aberration. The Lord clearly commands us in John 15:12 that we should love each other the same way he has loved us. There should be no diversion.

Church, we are the body of Christ. Our freedom is meant to be used to serve each other in LOVE. We should be the standard when talking of a society that lives in love. Every service rendered by each one in the church and even outside the walls of the church should be done in humility and love, not activity engaged in to garner the praise of others or prove that one is better than someone else. Furthermore, there should be no discrimination in how guests are received. Material wealth, status,etc should not be yardsticks for how the visitors are treated. We will give account to the master someday, I hope we give an account of love. 

Our Lord has set imitable examples for us, which are clearly stated in the gospels. Please follow him wholeheartedly. Don’t abuse your freedom.

Keep serving, keep loving.

Stay blessed.



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