His ways.

‘For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.’ Isaiah 55:9(NLT)

If the Lord tells you to do something that appears very different from what you feel should have been done, please do it. Don’t ask questions or try to connect the dots in your mind, just obey.His is the best approach that could ever be! He spoke what he wanted in existence into being at the beginning, he is that mysterious and powerful. Believe and obey him.

As humans, we make judgements, mostly based on what we see. Whereas, our God sometimes decides based on what we can’t see at that moment and he thus gives us directions on those unseen factors that guarantee victory if we obey him. In 1 Chronicles 20:17, the Lord’s instruction to the people of Judah concerning the impending war was very different from everyday military strategy. Instead of telling them to gear up for war and develop strategies to win, he simply told them to stand still and watch his victory. Thank God they obeyed by not fighting but praising him instead because if they had done otherwise, they would have been fighting God’s battle and surely no one should ever fight God’s battle for him! He’s more than able to crush any opposition, just as he gave Judah victory eventually over their enemies.

Beloved, whatever that problem might be, God’s instruction to you is the best you need to solve it. Humbly go before him, tell him about the problem and surrender to his will as he instructs you on what to do. Don’t go your way, go his. Also,don’t doubt what he says, simply step forward with faith and overcome with him. Remember that you are the clay and he is the potter, you are the branch and he is the vine dresser, you are the living and he is the life, most definitely,his ways are not your ways.

Shalom as you stay victorious in Christ Jesus.


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