I was blessed(and the blessing continues) by one of my pastor’s teachings in church.
I summarize it thus: True prosperity is not measured by material abundance only. Rather, the presence of God is the hallmark of true prosperity. A prominent example is the prosperous life of Joseph which was distinctively blessed with the Lord’s presence(Genesis 39:2,21,23).
A prosperous person is someone that carries the presence of God. And this presence of the Almighty makes the difference in everything that he/she does.
For such a person, failure is a NO NO while success is an ever present YES!
A person is not truly prosperous until Jehovah sees him/her as prosperous. This means that a lot of people who we regard as prosperous by virtue of their physical wealth might really not be prosperous if they do not have God’s presence in their lives.So friend,as long as you have the presence of God in your life, you are prosperous!The physical manifestation of this prosperity is only a matter of time.
Please praise Jehovah in advance of the physical manifestation of your prosperity.Hallelujah!

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