Obedience: Not less than 100%

Saul was given a command by the Lord through Samuel and he(Saul) failed to pay 100% obedience,thus God rejected him as King of Israel. Half obedience is as bad as total disobedience! True obedience only exist when it is 100%. My friend, please be careful to carry out every letter of any instruction the Lord gives to you. It is a dangerous thing to disobey him. Don’t choose to disobey first then plead for forgiveness later because that is not the hallmark of a true follower of Christ Jesus. A true follower of Jesus obeys him completely always. As written in a part of 1 Samuel 16:22(NLT): ”Listen!Obedience is better than sacrifice, and submission is better than offering the fats of ram.” So is it written, so is it true.

Submit to the Lord’s will and obey his instructions completely so that you may enjoy all the blessings that he gives to those who obey him.

If you have in any way been disobedient and feel the weight of guilt in your heart at this moment and you are yet to ask for forgiveness, you should please pray the following prayer points:

  • Father, please forgive me as I confess my sin(s) of disobedience(mention the sin(s) if you can remember it/them) and repent of it/them in Jesus name.
  • Lord, help me surrender completely to your will and enable me to carry out every instruction that you give to me in Jesus name.
  • Lord,help me make you the centre of focus in my life in Jesus name.

If you make Jesus the centre of focus, nothing will be as important as him and his will for your life. Keep looking unto him and make up your mind to give nothing less than 100% in obedience always.


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