The resurrection and the life.

‘Jesus told her, ”I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying.” ‘
John 11:25″(NLT)

Hallelujah!How blessed are those who have a glorious hope in Christ Jesus because of their faith in him!Friends,as long as we stay faithful to the Lord to the end of our stay here on earth,we have an unshakable assurance that we will live with Jesus Christ in his kingdom forever!Nothing in this present world can ever be compared with the eternal bliss and peace that we will enjoy in the kingdom of our God!No more worries,pains,hunger or discomfort of any kind.God himself will be our light,hallelujah!
Beloved,don’t miss that experience for anything. Make up your mind now to stay with Jesus to the end. Pray to him to help you stay faithful. Keep praying in the power of the Holy ghost if you are already baptised in the Holy ghost and pray for the enabling power of the Holy ghost if you haven’t begun yet. The race might have stretched out over a long period of time,but surely it will soon be all over and the Lord will come and take us home. And trust God,the rewards for those who stay faithful to the end will be invaluably worth it!
Oh,how great our joy will be when we finally get to see Jesus Christ and he welcomes us home!
Death has been defeated because Jesus has conquered the grave!He is the resurrection and the life,hallelujah!!!!!!


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