The early church: Examples to follow

The church of Christ is a living body.It is owned by the author of life himself,Jesus Christ,the righteous. As a dynamic body with a glorious hope of eternal life in the Lord, we have to bear good fruits always and consistently shine the light of Christ. The early church,by God’s grace,is a wonderful example for Christians living in this era to follow in some ways. These include:
Unity in heart and mind and care for one another (Acts 2:44-47, 4:32-37)
Fellowship and constant unity in prayer(Acts 1:14,2:1)
Devotion to the apostles’ teaching(Acts 2:42)

My friends,unity,constant fellowship and devotion to correct teaching gotten in church are great examples for us to imitate in our life of faith in God. There should be no division whatsoever amongst us in Christ, we should be inimitable examples for others to follow. In addition, constant fellowship with other believers for mutual benefits should not be neglected(reference: Hebrews 10:25). Also, being doers of the words of God that we hear from teachers who share the word in truth is very crucial to our growth and development as believers. So,wherever anything that negates any of these examples is seen, we should earnestly denounce it in deeds and also pray to the father for help. May we remain blessed in Christ and may the Church of Christ continue to grow in his mighty name,Amen.


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