Hello friend, I am very excited and happy to share this with you. I hope this encourages your faith and help you keep believing even against all odds.

Last week, I found out that my cousin’s laptop was missing. We(I and some other persons concerned) searched the house and its environ for the laptop, all to no avail. Ever since the search began, I had been very disturbed on the notes of accountability and responsibility. However, I kept trusting God for the best.  I knew and still know that he would never leave me because I am his. His love for me is everlasting and his peace has he blessed me with. So, although, there was an unpleasant circumstance existing on the surface, faith in God was deep within me.

The post about the Joy of the Lord coming was intended to encourage everyone who read it with faith, myself included because really, the period of the search that didn’t yield positive results was like a dark night filled with uncertainty. I prayed to my father who answers prayers, my pastor also prayed with me at a different time and I kept hoping for the best. Interestingly, my pastor had led prayers on restoration during a monthly revival held last week  and most definitely I really needed divine restoration in the circumstance I found myself in.

Hallelujah! To the glory of God,marvellous joy eventually came through yesterday because the laptop was found after six days of search and suspense! It was unlawfully taken by someone who worked at my aunt’s residence as a security guard. He admitted to having committed the theft after he had been dealt with by his superiors and law enforcement agents.The laptop was later found in his house and brought back to us,thus,solving the mystery and bringing an end to the emotional stress that had arisen due to the sudden disappearance of the computer.

My friend, I didn’t foresee this challenge and when it came as suddenly as it did, it was very disturbing. However, God has the best of plans for me. So even though the circumstance was not good, God is always good and I knew his love was and is still always there for me.  He saw me through. If you have faith in him and remain in Christ, he will see you through as well. He said in Isaiah 49:15(NLT) : ”Never! Can a mother forget her nursing child? Can she feel no love for the child she has borne? But even if that were possible, I would not forget you!”

He won’t forget you. He keeps his word and surely,his joy will come through for you.  Be faithful to him always. Hold on and press on with Christ as your guide. He’s able!


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