No one should ever try to take credit for what God has done, because no one can do any good thing unless he or she is enabled by God.
Christians,we need to be very careful. We should always earnestly give all the glory to God for any good success that we encounter in life. We should never boast of our abilities and achievements while we neglect the avenue to give the worship to God through our appreciation of his grace that helped us succeed.
No one can try to take God’s place and succeed because God has no equal.He can never be replaced. In Acts 12:20-23,there is the particular instance of Herod Agrippa, who was struck dead because he received the people’s worship instead of giving all the glory to God.
Friends,never get carried away by the excitement of your good success and encomiums that you forget to give the glory to the Lord of all the earth to whom it is always due.
In Isaiah 42:8(NLT), the Lord said:
‘I am the LORD; that is my name! I will not give my glory to anyone else, nor share my praise with carved idols.’

Be warned, be careful,keep serving God.



A faithful manager

‘Now, a person who is put in charge as a manager must be faithful.’
1 Corinthians 4:2(NLT)

Christianity has no ties whatsoever to corruption. It is not just a religion.It is even more of a lifestyle of uprightness and accountability, lived in the imitation of our perfect example, Jesus Christ the Lord.So,Christians should not be found wanting when it comes to being accountable.
Once, you are in the position of taking responsibility and overseeing the affairs of any entity,you are a manager. You could be a manager of people,money or any other entity.
My friend,in whatever managerial or overseeing role you find yourself in,that you are rest assured that the Lord is happy with, please earnestly imbibe the culture of honesty. Make it a lifestyle. Be accountable. Work as if you are rendering service directly to God. Do whatever good your hands find to do to the very best of your ability. And always pray to God to help you stay honest and accountable.
The more the world see honesty,uprightness,faithfulness and accountability in you,the more your life brings glory to God whom you serve.

Don’t deny Jesus Christ.

Chosen generation,peculiar people,please,never deny Jesus Christ. Wherever,whenever,let his light be seen shining brightly in your lifestyle. Without people being told, let them be able to suppose that you are a CHRISTIAN based on the traits of holiness that they see in you.

Youths,especially,should be very careful when it comes to this crucial topic of not losing one’s identify as a christian. It’s so easy to get lost in the crowd and hop on the ride of sin,with so much distractions that now abound  in the forms of immoral music and indecent dressing. We should stand for God always. Let the light of Christ be seen in you!

 Please note that denial is not only in the verbal form,it could also be attitudinal. So,whenever your attitude negates the identify of who you should be as a christian, then you are practicing attitudinal denial of Christ Jesus.

The Lord said in Matthew 10:33(NLT):”But everyone who denies me here on earth, I will also deny before my Father in heaven.”

Never deny Jesus Christ.

Our Victory is certain!

‘The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. May the grace of our Lord Jesus be with you.’
Romans 16:20(NLT)

One great news is that while we as believers in Christ will live forever with our saviour in his kingdom, Satan’s existence is limited,his end is definite. Also,while we have an invaluable heritage in our awesome father, Satan surely has a damnable end. So, no matter he throws your way now, do not let him get you down,rather,focus on the glory ahead and keep praising God in advance.
Christ has overcome the world and surely in him,we are more than conquerors. The verse above talks about Satan being crushed and surely our victory will ultimately manifest.
While waiting for the return of the saviour,lets live in the peace of God,wholly obey the master’s instructions and gladly share the good news of the salvation in him.
Jesus is Lord and we are his! Hallelujah!

Just as Christ accepted you.

‘Therefore, accept each other just as Christ has accepted you so that God will be given glory.’
Romans 15:7(NLT)

There should be no prejudice in the church. If you still treat people based on how sinful you perceive them to be, then you are not walking and living in the love of Christ. There should be no condemnation from you to them because you feel that they are less holy.
Do not forget that Christ accepts whoever believes in him based on love and grace, not on merit of righteousness because nobody can ever meet God’s standard of righteousness by works.
As soon as you are born-again,you are a beneficiary of God’s mercy and love and these should be the foundation of your relationship with others. Do not put up an attitude of superiority that puts others down because you make them feel less worthy by the way you relate with them.Relating with others in love and faith and making them feel welcome in God’s household will ultimately bring glory to the master who will reward you.
Only God determines who is righteous and living in his love entails you helping others grow in faith by correcting them in love,accepting them cheerfully and reminding them that their hope for them yet, as Jesus died to save them too.

Don’t stop loving.

‘For the commandments say, ”You must not commit adultery. You must not murder. You must not steal. You must not covet.” These-and other such commandments-are summed up in this one commandment: ”Love your neighbor as yourself.”
Romans 13:9(NLT)

Love. Love. And love. We should never stop loving. With the love of Christ which is perfect, we should always seek to affect lives around us positively.
Our father is a God of love. His relationship with us is based on an immeasurable,perfect and genuine love. Love that sent Christ to die as the worthy sacrifice for our sins, so that we might be reconciled to him. Love that embraces us whenever we come back repentant after going wrong.
Righteousness is based on absolute faith in God. And whoever has faith in God will wholly obey him. He has instructed us through Christ our Lord to live in love(John 13:34-35) and it’s best that we obey him as true disciples and heirs.
Our love for people should not be based on their reaction or disposition towards us. Regardless of what they do to us, we should always let the love of Christ reign supreme in our hearts and shine through us to them. Praying for them,even when they do bad things to us is an example of loving them with the love of Christ.
Always remember that God is love and love is never wrong.
So,keep loving,keep serving God.

”When they fast, I will pay no attention. When they present their burnt offerings and grain offerings to me, I will not accept them. Instead, I will devour them with war, famine and disease.”
Jeremiah 14:12(NLT)

God will never compromise his standard! He is holy. So,those whose worship and service will be accepted by him are to be HOLY too. Service without holiness equals zero. It is nothing but futile activity.
People might see one as being very active and efficient in rendering service to God. However, the acceptance of one’s service to God is strongly based on HOLINESS. So,seemingly efficient service devoid of holiness is unacceptable to God.
Friend,please live wholly for God. Don’t be lukewarm. How great is the reward of those who serve their God in spirit and truth! They will enjoy an eternal legacy, nonperishable treasures that their master will bless them with!
Living an unholy life which results in the rejection of one’s worship ultimately leads to one’s rejection by the Lord, bringing with it terrible repercussions.
I pray that may we not be rejected by God in Jesus name.


”You are the light of the world-like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden. No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house.” Matthew 5:14-15(NLT)

Followers of Christ. Lights,that what we are. The standard. The example. The model, showing forth the ‘how’ of living to please God, as enabled by the Holy spirit. Any thing short of this should not be found in us. We should live in love and show love by example. Only when we do this are we true followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Stay blessed.