Always be in check.

‘A person without self-control is like a city with broken-down walls.’  Proverbs 25:26(NLT)

There is a high level of composure and self-control expected of you as a christian. Anything short of this high level is dishonourable.

My friend,as a christian,you should be a great example for others to follow.As the Lord said in Matthew 5:26, you should let your good works shine before men that they may give glory to your father in heaven. The more of a good and commendable example you are to people in shining the light of Christ, the more the glory you bring to your father in heaven through your lifestyle.

As part of your good works, please take SELF-CONTROL very seriously. Without self-control,one is open to the attack of the enemy.This attack could be in form of ridicule,physical assault or even mortal death.No matter where you find yourself,whatever the situation might be,never be out of check.

Let the Holy spirit be your guide. Being in tune with his leading and wholesome obedience to his instructions will help you make the right decisions and stay in control of your emotions in your relationship with people. Never let your reaction be based on what others do to you. People could provoke you intentionally, do not be hasty to react. You are are a  heir of the heavenly King,do not let the flesh dictate your response.Rather, base your reactions on the instructions in the Bible-the words of God. The more you base your reactions on God’s instructions, the less the tendency of you being out of control of your emotions in your relationship with people.

So friend,be in check,stay in Christ and stay blessed.

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