The end of the wicked

‘For evil people have no future; the light of the wicked will be snuffed out.’
Proverbs 24:20(NLT)

Friend,evil people won’t last forever.As for you,once you’re in Christ,eternity is sure in heaven.
So,don’t be scared of the evil ones because you have the greatest being,God,living in you,as long as you stay wholly obedient to him.
The verse above was brought up during a Bible study in church today and it’s imperative that I share it with you.Whatever the evil ones do,as long they persist in their evil and do not repent,they are doomed.They have no future!Their light will be snuffed out!They will be destroyed!
So,should any evil one be trying to make things hard for you,do not panic,they and their deeds won’t last forever.Their doomed end is sure if they do not repent.
So,stay with your God,he is able to deliver you in ways beyond your comprehension.
God be praised!

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