Just as Christ accepted you.

‘Therefore, accept each other just as Christ has accepted you so that God will be given glory.’
Romans 15:7(NLT)

There should be no prejudice in the church. If you still treat people based on how sinful you perceive them to be, then you are not walking and living in the love of Christ. There should be no condemnation from you to them because you feel that they are less holy.
Do not forget that Christ accepts whoever believes in him based on love and grace, not on merit of righteousness because nobody can ever meet God’s standard of righteousness by works.
As soon as you are born-again,you are a beneficiary of God’s mercy and love and these should be the foundation of your relationship with others. Do not put up an attitude of superiority that puts others down because you make them feel less worthy by the way you relate with them.Relating with others in love and faith and making them feel welcome in God’s household will ultimately bring glory to the master who will reward you.
Only God determines who is righteous and living in his love entails you helping others grow in faith by correcting them in love,accepting them cheerfully and reminding them that their hope for them yet, as Jesus died to save them too.


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