”When they fast, I will pay no attention. When they present their burnt offerings and grain offerings to me, I will not accept them. Instead, I will devour them with war, famine and disease.”
Jeremiah 14:12(NLT)

God will never compromise his standard! He is holy. So,those whose worship and service will be accepted by him are to be HOLY too. Service without holiness equals zero. It is nothing but futile activity.
People might see one as being very active and efficient in rendering service to God. However, the acceptance of one’s service to God is strongly based on HOLINESS. So,seemingly efficient service devoid of holiness is unacceptable to God.
Friend,please live wholly for God. Don’t be lukewarm. How great is the reward of those who serve their God in spirit and truth! They will enjoy an eternal legacy, nonperishable treasures that their master will bless them with!
Living an unholy life which results in the rejection of one’s worship ultimately leads to one’s rejection by the Lord, bringing with it terrible repercussions.
I pray that may we not be rejected by God in Jesus name.


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